Helping Hands - Our Purposes and Goals

We hope you’re in good health because that’s our business – your good health.

In August this year, Helping Hands will have been looking after your health for ten years! There have been growing pains but we are bigger and better than ever before.

Our goals are:

  • To improve lives through better nutrition.
    By helping people rid themselves of the ravages of modern day living – bad food, drugs, stress, etc. – and by assisting them with good, sound nutrition, we can help people lead more comfortable lives, with less attention on the body.
  • A drug-free, healthy country.
    We are very involved with drug rehabilitation. We support the activities of an international drug rehabilitation program called Narconon and its sister program, Criminon – which is run in the Pretoria Magistrates Court. Helping Hands is very proud to be associated with these organizations.

We don’t only take care of people here in Johannesburg; we also service people all over South Africa, in other countries on the African continent, and even people living as far away as in Taiwan, Australia and the United States.

In summarising, our purpose is to get people’s attention off their bodies so they can spend time on activities which make them feel good and/or so they can be more productive.

In reflecting over the past ten years, I am very proud of what we are doing, what we have achieved and I am especially proud of the Helping Hands team that is doing it.

To meet the members of the Helping Hands team, please take a look at the About Us section of the web site. They are dedicated and always willing to go the extra mile.

Service is our keynote.